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Windsor Argument Today at Supreme Court is about Estate Tax

I am taking a break from my series of posts on the Basics of Probate Administration in the District of Columbia to address current events before the Supreme Court that could have wide ranging impact on estate planning. I mentioned … Continue reading

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The Basics of the District of Columbia Probate Administration…Part III: Opening the Estate

This is the third in a series of posts on the basics of D.C. probate administration. You can read previous posts in this series including Part I: high-level differences between Virginia and D.C. estate administrations (here), Part II: qualifying to … Continue reading

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How to Estate Plan for That Unusual Asset

As most people know, I am a very big NFL football fan. Unfortunately, poor estate planning and NFL football players goes hand-in-hand, as you can read here, here and here. However, even regular fans in the stand, watching the games have estate planning issues … Continue reading

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What is a Pretermitted or Omitted Child?

I draft numerous plans for couples that have started a family. Many times, the couple will execute their estate plan after the birth of their first child but plan on having additional children. Most clients in this position will ask … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Attempts to Conceive of Post-Death Inheritance

Sorry for the brief interruption in my series on what a Trustee does. With wills being drafted as early as the Roman Empire and trusts arising during the time of the Middle Ages as knights looked to protect their property when … Continue reading

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Estate Planning Documents Every Person Should Have

I am asked numerous times what are the typical estate planning documents someone should have.  My answer, like many answers from an attorney is: It Depends.  There a number of factors that could push a person to one level or … Continue reading

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Will Clauses…Part III…More Clauses

In the last two posts (here and here), I described several introductory clauses that can be found in a typical Last Will and Testament. This will be the last post in this series providing further explanations to some basic clauses found in your … Continue reading

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Will Clauses Part II…More

Last post, I described several introductory clauses that can be found in a typical Last Will and Testament. This time I will provide further definitions to some basic clauses found in your Will. Tangible Personal Property. Tangible personal property generally … Continue reading

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Will Clauses – Part 1: The Introductory Clauses

Most clients say that all they need is a “simple” will. Beyond the fact that there is no such thing as a “simple” will, I thought a short primer on many of the clauses that should be found in a … Continue reading

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Financial Emergency 411 Seminar

Sorry, to break into my series on asset/property ownership but I will be leading a “lunch and learn” seminar on Thursday, October 13th at 12:00 PM at the Arlington Chamber of Commerce. I will be hosting in conjunction with a … Continue reading

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