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The Basics of D.C. Probate Administration…Part VI: the Inventory

This is the sixth in a series of posts on the basics of D.C. probate administration. You can read previous posts in this series including Part I: high-level differences between Virginia and D.C. estate administrations (here), Part II: qualifying to … Continue reading

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The Trustee – Part II…The Qualities in a Good Trustee

This is the second in a series of posts on Trusts and Trustees. You can read the first post on Picking a Trustee (here). Because the role of a trustee or a successor trustee is extremely important to the success … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Attempts to Conceive of Post-Death Inheritance

Sorry for the brief interruption in my series on what a Trustee does. With wills being drafted as early as the Roman Empire and trusts arising during the time of the Middle Ages as knights looked to protect their property when … Continue reading

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Will Clauses…Part III…More Clauses

In the last two posts (here and here), I described several introductory clauses that can be found in a typical Last Will and Testament. This will be the last post in this series providing further explanations to some basic clauses found in your … Continue reading

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Planning Your Digital Estate…Part I

I’m going to date myself, but I still vividly remember signing up for my first “electronic” mail account in the early 90’s when I was a freshman in college. I guess it was memorable because it required traveling down into … Continue reading

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March 2011 Newsletter

I forgot to post this while I was on vacation.  My March 2011 Newsletter went out. Topics include: More Digital Estate Planning Basics of Estate Planning: Guardianship for Minors Estate of the Month: I’m Spartacus but Evidently not a Dad Please … Continue reading

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Happy New Year to Everyone!

Happy New Year! Sorry for being a little MIA over the past couple of weeks.  Like most people the Holidays consumed a great deal of time that prevented giving attention to the blog. Also, my wife and I received a … Continue reading

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Does the Rumored Tax Plan Impact the Estate Tax?

A number of media reports state that President Obama and Congressional Republicans have agreed on a tax/budget deal yesterday, December 6, 2010. I will not speak to the politics of the deal, but the question is how that compromise impacts … Continue reading

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The Basics of Virginia Probate Administration…Part IX: Ancillary Probate Administration

This is my ninth post on my continuing series on the Virginia Probate Administration concerning ancillary probate proceedings.  You can read previous posts on this series including Part I: introduction to probate (here), Part II: qualifying to be the personal … Continue reading

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