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The Fiscal Compromise and Estate Planning

Luckily… It is a few days since the world was allegedly going to end – either on the Mayan Calendar or the Fiscal Cliff Calendar – and we survived. We also got an answer to the question of whether there … Continue reading

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Will there be an Estate Tax Fix in 2013?

It’s been about ten days since the Presidential election and with everyone relaxing a little, now is a good time to talk about what the election results mean for the estate tax and estate planning.  If you are not aware, … Continue reading

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Does the Rumored Tax Plan Impact the Estate Tax?

A number of media reports state that President Obama and Congressional Republicans have agreed on a tax/budget deal yesterday, December 6, 2010. I will not speak to the politics of the deal, but the question is how that compromise impacts … Continue reading

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The Basics of Virginia Probate Administration…Part VIII: Taxes

This is my eighth post on my continuing series on the Virginia Probate Administration taxes.  You can read previous posts on this series including Part I: introduction to probate (here), Part II: qualifying to be the personal representative (here), Part … Continue reading

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