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The Driverless Car and Estate Planning

In today’s Wall Street Journal there was section on the future of automobiles.  The first article, titled “Nobody Behind the Wheel,” described how the future of the driverless car is coming.  The other article, titled “Trucks Will Roll Down an … Continue reading

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Inflexible Joint-Tenancy Ownership Can Create Estate Planning Issues.

I talk with many people that believe that simply having all of their assets owned as joint tenants with the right of survivorship (JTWROS) is an adequate estate plan to avoid probate. Most of the time, the person wants to … Continue reading

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How Do People Own Property or Assets? – Part II – Joint Tenancy

This is the second in a series of post in what manner people, either individually or collectively own property, and how that property transfers upon death.  The first post can be read by clicking here. Property ownership and transfer on … Continue reading

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