What’s with the Silence? I have an Announcement.

I want to apologize to everyone that has been following my posts over the last few months for the lack of posting during the month of March.  However, there are a couple of good reason for it – business and personal related.

On the business side, I am pleased to announce that on March 9th, I became a contributing legal writer to CancerHQ.org:

CancerHQ Latest Contributor Writes to Protect You!

We are pleased to welcome long time friend and legal expert, Chris Guest to the CancerHQ family! As an accomplished attorney and passionate cancer advocate, Chris will serve this community as an expert legal contributor. Chris will provide legal insight into protecting ourselves, our decisions, our family and our financial assets.

For more information on my announcement at CancerHQ.com click here.

On CancerHQ, I will strive to provide educational information on estate planning, guardianships, and other legal issues that people must deal with after a cancer diagnosis.

It will hopefully also be an educational tool for loved ones of a cancer patient on some of the non-medical concerns that need to be addressed.  Many times a cancer patients need to address these issues but are overwhelmed during treatment. A loved one might be able to at least gain an understanding of the issue to aid their loved one impacted with cancer to make a decision.

Cancer HQ was “[created] to educate, inspire and bring together those touched by cancer. This is not just a site for people with cancer, but a community to help cancer survivors and their friends and family. Our team works every day to bring you new educational and inspirational content in a variety of mediums: print, photo, video and more.

Our goal is to break down the knowledge barriers through easy to understand content, inspire cancer patients to fight back and connect our community together so that the wisest among you can help educate the latest affected.”

To learn more about CancerHQ click here.

As for the personal issues slowing down my posting, I was on vacation. The last week or so I was just trying to catch up with work.  I’ll have another post up this afternoon and another up on Monday. After that, I will get back to my more frequent posting over the next couple of weeks.



About Chris Guest

I am a trust and estate planning attorney working in the Washington, DC metro area. I offer comprehensive estate planning, trust administration, probate services and general business counseling for accountants, attorneys, business owners, consultants, federal and local government employees, retirees, other business professionals and other individuals.
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