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Why the rise in the Federal Estate Tax Exemption to $5 million shouldn’t stop you from planning your estate?

On Friday, December 17th, President Obama signed an $858 billion dollar tax compromise.  The compromise stopped a rise in numerous income tax rates AKA “the Bush Tax Cuts” from coming back on January 1st and extended unemployment benefits for millions … Continue reading

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Does the Rumored Tax Plan Impact the Estate Tax?

A number of media reports state that President Obama and Congressional Republicans have agreed on a tax/budget deal yesterday, December 6, 2010. I will not speak to the politics of the deal, but the question is how that compromise impacts … Continue reading

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FTC to Investigate Debt Collectors…How is this an estate planning issue?

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article posted on November 21st related to the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) investigating debt collectors.  At first blush, I just flipped over the page to find a more interesting article, but, after a … Continue reading

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